Bio:  Robert A Read.

Originally from southwest of England, the writer now resides in the Cote d’Or of Burgundy, France, an area renowned for some of the best red wines in the world. A boarding school education spawned an ambition to become a writer of science fiction and horror stories; however, responsibility to a wife and son, and a career in electronic design subverted the dream until divorce in 2003 when the creative urge was re-ignited. A writer of short stories and novels, he adheres to no particular genre, although much of his writing depicts elements of the occult and paranormal.

He also writes a little poetry, usually on dark subjects, but never considers himself to be a poet, likening it more to weaving colourful patterns with words on a form, which hopefully depict a story to the reader like a tapestry.

Published works include:

Novel: Preserved in Amber.  An erotic, romantic tragedy, set during the 17th century English civil war. The teenage daughter of an innkeeper is lured into a tryst with a French soldier of fortune leading her into a web of prostitution.

Short story: Eyes that Haunt Me and several poems published in the Vampire Anthology, Vicious Bites, by Key Publications Network.

 Short Story: Invocation of the Dead published in the Zombie Anthology, The Vicious Dead, by Key Publications Network.

Short Story: The Werewolves of Mauvin published in the werewolf anthology, I Believe In Werewolves, by NetBound Publishing

Visit my web site. http://mysteral.synthasite.com/


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